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Information March 2020

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Dear All,

I hope all is well and you are all safe from the current worldwide situation.

I am an old Arma 3 player and have over a 1000 hours on it, a lot of those hours are on exile.

After around a year of inactivity I have decided to get back to the game and I love it.

I was wondering if any of you exile regulars out there can enlighten me on how popular is exile or Arma3 in general in the present time.

If so what servers do you play on and what is your input regarding how the game progressed since last year and what is mostly being played at the moment.



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The game has definitely dropped in popularity in the last year but continues to have players on so that's a plus. Now if it wasn't for the Exile community it would have died years ago because of the scripts/fixes/addons the community has created but nothing has been created that is groundbreaking or anything that would revitalize the game. I run the most popular PVE servers for Exile which if that is your type of game then just search for O3G, all server owners compete with each other to grab players but that's not why im here because we have been around for over 4 years and we still have players joining everyday with over 1500+ registered members on our website for which I am proud of the members for sticking around having fun. I just wish we as owners could work more together helping each other versus getting DDOS, mission files stolen because your popular, players jumping on trying to steal players, etc. Yes I am busy with real life stuff, running servers but if you ask anyone that has met me or talked online that I will help you run your own server or whatever you need to get you to play Exile and no doesn't have to be on my server.

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