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1.0.4 "Pineapple"

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  • Exile Escape
  • Virtual Garage
  • Safe Hacking
  • Door Grinding
  • New constructions
  • Compatibility with Arma 1.80
  • Bug fixes, but still not bug-free

Admin Info

  • No database changes required unless you are running ExAD Virtual Garage
  • Update the BE filters
  • Update the exile.bikey
  • Update exile_server/exile_server_config.pbo
  • Add new configs to Mission file
  • Add new Rscs to Mission file


  • Added: Exile Escape gamemode (Thank you to everyone who donated!)
  • Fixed: Players will randomly get a systemChat message saying "got scared" when near a hen
  • Fixed: KSVK zeroing 
  • Added: Suppressor support for the PKP and Pecheneg
  • Changed: Increased zeroing distance for PKP and Pecheneg
  • Changed: Increased zeroing distance for Lee Enfield
  • Changed: Increased damage of Lee Enfield
  • Fixed: Players being killed by another player in a vehicle will cause the kill message to say "Killed by an NPC"
  • Fixed: Pack safe exploit
  • Fixed: Wrong variable used in "ExileServer_util_fill_fillWeapons", causing incorrect behavior. Thx @StokesMagee
  • Fixed: Other miniguns are no longer affected by Exile.
  • Changed: Mass of the Bandage item (Exile_Item_Bandage) has been reduced from 10 to 2. This should make the item more useful for players.
  • Changed: Mass of the Vishpirin item (Exile_Item_Vishpirin) has been reduced from 15 to 5. Like the bandage, this should make it more useful.
  • Added: Traders are respawned and their dead bodies deleted when killed in some way to prevent duping. (Bohemia fix godmode pls)
  • Changed: "ExileClient_util_world_canBuildHere" now takes PositionASL instead of PositionAGL for simplification/optimization purposes. If you use this function in custom scripts/addons, make sure to update your code.
  • Fixed: Issue(s) with building over water and/or high altitudes.
  • Changed: You can no longer attempt to place flag poles in any location that you can't place base objects otherwise. Specifically, placing flags now utilizes the "ExileClient_util_world_canBuildHere" function to validate flag placement. While this doesn't really impact gameplay, it consolidates building requirements.
  • Fixed: Incorrect magazine classname in the "Exile Weapons Box" for the KSVK APDS magazine. Thx to @r0fus for pointing it out.
  • Changed: The "deposit field" of the locker menu will default to the maximum amount of poptabs you can store in the locker for easy depositing.
  • Fixed: Poptab values on the locker and trader dialog menus will no longer take exponent form.
  • Fixed: Invalid model path for Exile_Item_Leaves
  • Added: New dabbing animation. Thx to @Andrew_S90 for making this.
  • Changed: Performance improvements to
    • ExileClient_util_world_getAlivePlayerInfantryInRange
    • ExileClient_util_world_isAlivePlayerInfantryInRange
    • ExileClient_util_world_isAlivePlayerInRange
    • ExileClient_util_world_isClimbingPlayerNearby
  • Fixed: Incorrect enums for ExileClient_system_garbageCollector_deleteObject. Thx Bohemia for pointing it out. 
  • Fixed: Issue with concrete window hatches can be opened even though they are locked. Thx @Announcement for pointing it out. 
  • Fixed: Invalid model path for Exile_Item_WoodSticks. Thx @Announcement for pointing it out. 
  • Fixed: Enum error in ExileServer_object_construction_network_upgradeConstructionRequest. Thx @Announcement for pointing it out. 
  • Added: Prototype safe hacking system
  • Added: Prototype door lock grinding system
  • Fixed: Profile goggles overriding database saved goggles
  • Fixed: Exile_Magazine_Battery inventory icon was black
  • Fixed: Shadow lods for XM8 were not trangulated
  • Fixed: XM8 had empty animation keyframes
  • Fixed: Disabled the ability to activate mines from loot piles
  • Changed: Made it possible to add XM8 apps without the need of 3rd party scripts
  • Fixed: Enum error in ExileServer_system_event_ambientFlyover_start
  • Added: Territory Raid Mode
  • Fixed: Invalid bone count error
  • Added: Arma Dynamic Simulation support
  • Fixed: A bunch of spelling errors in the loading screen texts
  • Changed: Moved Sloth Machine to Extra Apps to make way for a new app
  • Changed: Moved Sloth Machine, Health Scanner, and Settings resources to mission side config 
  • Added: New Toast Template: Warning
  • Fixed: Radiation zones check was using wrong position command which was providing inaccurate radiation dosage. Thx @Captain Bigzy for reporting this.
  • Added: 7 new base building construction items. Thx @Andrew_S90 for making these <3
    • Concrete Ladder Hatch
    • Concrete Draw Bridge
    • Concrete Floor Port (Small)
    • Metal Ladder
    • Metal Ladder (Double Tall)
    • Wood Ladder Hatch
    • Wood Ladder Hatch Reinforced
  • Changed: The safe can now be re-textured using scripting commands
  • Added: Two new containers. Thx @Andrew_S90 for making these
    • Safe (Small)
      • A smaller version of the regular safe. It is mainly used for poptab storage, as that it cannot store more than a few items.
    • Old Chest
      • A bigger version of the storage chest, it cannot be locked.
  • Added: The ability to override the max amount of poptabs that can be added to a vehicle/container. 
  • Added: Virtual Garage
  • Fixed: 3D markers no longer move up and down when it's over the sea. 
  • Fixed: When selling a stolen flag, the flag will now be removed from their back
  • Fixed: Crafting items that cannot fit in your inventory will now drop on the ground. Thx @WURSTKETTE for reporting this.
  • Fixed: Draining fuel with a full inventory will now drop the fuel canister on the ground. Thx @exilerist for reporting this.
  • Fixed: UAV Glitch
  • Added: 5 new flags. Thx Shoritz for making these!

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