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  1. Need someone to help setup a new server

    Questions 1. Do you have an extra PC that would can use as a dedicated server? 1a. Specs of the PC? 2. How many players do you want? 3. If you do get a server running how long would you leave it running without any players joining? Truthfully if you give up easily then I would probably not help you 4. Easier to know what someone is getting into when building a game server from scratch if you give details as to what exactly you want on it, so what mods, scripts, addons are you looking to use?
  2. Doesn't work now

    They took it down a couple weeks ago its no longer supported, I believe its no longer available on the google play store either.
  3. How to add/change loot exile config?(Rhs,cup)

    I recommend just editing the class ItemGroups under exile_server_config/config.cpp like Flares or Chemlights because no one cares about those and just add in your classnames there. Or find one with a lower percentage and add the items there, if you want them to spawn more often than add to group like Flares or Chemlights.
  4. Would anyone be able to help me with a Trader issue

    Still having the problem? dont want to look at it if its fixed
  5. Revive CUP Unirforms Despawn

    No I dont think it has anything to do with those I think its an issue with another one of your scripts, Do you have the infistar setting fix_uniform_and_vest = true or false? I have found issues with scripts where it had nothing to do with the issue but removing it fixes it.
  6. Revive CUP Unirforms Despawn

    Maybe look at changes you made around the time it started? Or what I did when I started having other issues was start my mission file from scratch and add in things one at a time til I was done, this has worked on more than one occasion.
  7. Server Rentals

    I will be hosting game servers for rent here in the next couple months, I am moving after I sell my house so waiting til that's done. I will have roughly 13-15 servers for rent on a 1gb connection ranging from 50-100 a month USD all have dual CPU's at least 3ghz, at least 16gb ram and hardware Raid 0 SSD drives. If your interested just reply here and we can discuss rental agreement, cost, needs, etc. You will have remote desktop access so you will control everything related to the server including what you want to use it for.
  8. Revive CUP Unirforms Despawn

    I have not heard any reports of this issue on any of my servers and I have had revive with CUP for years
  9. Process Lasso

    So if you are running a server or you can even use it for gaming this program called Process Lasso from BitSum. You can do alot with this program including setting CPU's, I/O priority, Power Performance, I use it on every PC I own including laptops, tablets, servers. Just launch the program then in the main window right click on the executable you want configure then find all kinds of enhancements you can do to the rig.
  10. Protected mission files

    So I heard that MGT has figured out how to protect their mission file so it cant be stolen and damn it they sure have so anyone have any clue as to how they did this?