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  1. Proper credit

    Nah, everyone knows they just stopped the website and this site is just continuing as a source and possible collaboration. Most of the links are to Github anyways where the original author as his files and information.
  2. I Updated the Loot Positions for the CfgBuildings, there should be any building integrated. CfgBuildings *edit ( refreshed pastebin link )
  3. [Release] Lingor Traders + Spawn Zones

    Hello, Since we quit our Lingor server I decided to publish the files online that are lingor specific. This is my first release on ExileMod.com so be gentle ^^ These files published include: 3 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders "Special" traders (you have to setup these on your own). I had a Militarised Air/Militarised Ground/Special Items trader, you can customise this yourself. Extra Military Content in Spawn Zones + some Airstrips 60 Player Slots + Map Markers Russian Roulette Concrete Mixers (in Safezone) These files are compactible with ArmA 1.72 and Exile 1.0.3 InitPlayerLocal.sqf (clientside) initserver.sqf (clientside, you can also create a serverside PBO) Mission.SQM I think that was it. I will update this post may I have forgotten anything. GolovaRaoul EDIT (updated): Here is some stuff you can open up in ArmA EDEN Editor, like Zombie Trigger Positions and Bridges and Trader Cities: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W7WwDMfGzkak7njZ2vJ-4UxaDIcZOa6a/view?usp=sharing
  4. StatusBar-Extension

    Hey Exilers, Here is a small extension for the most common StatusBars. -Not ExAd If you have a radio, the player number of the server is shown. If you have a compass, the directions are shown. If you have these items only in the inventory, then of course nothing is displayed. _______________________________________________________________________________ Hier eine kleine Erweiterung für die gängigsten StatusBars. -Nicht ExAd Wenn ihr ein Radio ausgerüstet habt, wird die Spielerzahl des Servers gezeigt. Wenn ihr ein Kompass ausgerüstet habt, werden die Richtungen gezeigt. Wenn ihr diese Gegenstände nur im Inventar habt, dann wird natürlich nichts angezeigt. Do It... Compass Go to your statusbar.sqf and search _dir = round (getDir (vehicle player)); replace with _dir = if ("ItemCompass" in assigneditems Player) then { round (getDir (vehicle player)); } else { "-"; }; Or if you have switch(_dir) do { case 0: {_dir = "N"}; case 1: {_dir = "NE"}; case 2: {_dir = "E"}; case 3: {_dir = "SE"}; case 4: {_dir = "S"}; case 5: {_dir = "SW"}; case 6: {_dir = "W"}; case 7: {_dir = "NW"}; case 8: {_dir = "N"}; }; in your statusbar.sqf then Search for _dir = round ((getDir (vehicle player))/45); and replace with _dir = if ("ItemCompass" in assigneditems Player) then { round ((getDir (vehicle player))/45); } else { "-"; }; Done the first. Radio Go to your statusbar.sqf put this in your _var = blabla section _PlayersOnServer = if ("ItemRadio" in assigneditems Player) then { count playableUnits; } else { "-"; }; like this _unit = _this select 0; _damage = round ((1 - (damage player)) * 100); //_damage = (round(_damage * 100)); _hunger = round (ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 2); _thirst = round (ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 3); _respect = ExileClientPlayerScore; _wallet = (player getVariable ["ExileMoney", 0]); _lockers = (player getVariable ["ExileLocker", 0]); _stamina = ExileClientPlayerScore; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// _PlayersOnServer = if ("ItemRadio" in assigneditems Player) then { count playableUnits; } else { "-"; }; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// _energy = 100; _energyPercent = 100; _serverFPS = round diag_fps; _pos = getPosATL player; replace count playableUnits with _PlayersOnServer in your ctrlSetStructuredText section like this "%", //count playableUnits, <---Nope _PlayersOnServer, //<---Thats new _damage, _wallet, _hunger, _thirst, _serverFPS, _respect, _colourDefault, format["%1/%2",_xx,_yy], _dir, _hours, _minutes, _colourDamage, _colourHunger, _colourThirst, _colourCold, _ambient, _bodytemp, "°C" Mission Complete!!! Thanks
  5. Add sound on server start

    class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {Intro}; class Intro { name = "Intro"; sound[] = {"\custom\intro.ogg", 1, 1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; create folder called custom in you mpmission folder after you extract the pbo..drop the song make it an ogg format and call it like that
  6. [GUIDE] Watermark

    here one of my old scripts: Simple but worked Watermark 1. Exile.Altis/initPlayerLocal.sqf add DOWNLOAD GUIDE if anyone interrestet here some info about dynamicText String: Text/Picture Number: X coordinates (optional) Number: Y coordinates (optional) Number: Duration (Optional) Number: FadeIn time (Optional) Number: Delta Y, Text will move up or down depending on value (Optional) Number: Resource layer (Optional) _pic = "Custom\Logo\FPS_Logo_Overlay.paa"; [ '<img align=''left'' size=''1.5'' shadow=''0'' image='+(str(_pic))+' />', safeZoneX+safezoneW-0.12, // Here.. safeZoneY+safeZoneH-1.82, // And here.. 99999, 0, 0, 3090 ] spawn bis_fnc_dynamicText; ------------------- So if you are not sure here it is simple ADD TO initPlayerLocal.sqf as you will also see _pic = "Addons\Images\yourimage.paa";; this is where your image will be calling from, as mine is in my Addons\Images folder safezoneX+safezoneW-0.12, safezoneY+safezoneH-1.82, these are base on where the logo will be put as this is set to my server , and its place top right hand corner of screen. So if you need to have it somewhere else you need to fiddle with it to suit your server i hope this helps you out as it seems you are to scared to ask -------------------- /WaterMark _pic = "AC.paa"; [ '<img align=''left'' size=''1.0'' shadow=''1'' image='+(str(_pic))+' />', safeZoneX+safezoneW-3.24, safeZoneY+safeZoneH-1.82, 99999, 0, 0, 3090 ] spawn bis_fnc_dynamicText;
  7. Exile Desktop Background

  8. Exile logos

  9. his tool was created to help server admins creating loot position files for arma 3 Exilemod.Add make_file.dll to you arma 3 directory *(by Killzonekid) to build the file direcltyOtherwise you can paste the content in any good code editor *(notepad++)9 to show instruction1 to initiate building2 to place loot spawn3 to auto-generate building4 to complete building5 to generate file7 to auto-generate entire mappage up to push the ballpage down to pull the ballhome to inscrease distance to surfaceend to decrease distance to surfacehttps://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625259647

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to post here to let you know that ArmAdmin has now officially gone live and is open to registrations. ArmAdmin has been under development for a few months and is now ready for release, but you may ask what exactly is 'Armdmin'? It's a 100% web-based platform that is designed to allow server owners remote access to their server from any device or web browser - that includes your phone, tablet and of course laptop/desktop computer. I started this project because at the time I used a GSP (game service provider) and didn't have my own server. For those of us who rely on GSP's you'll notice that they don't like you loading server mods (DLL files specifically..) and that kills a lot of your options, so I made something that doesn't need any server-side mods and should work with any GSP. With this in mind I made it to support RCON. From there I built out a number of other features that are not in the standard RCON feature set. The RCON connection is established and runs 24/7/365, or at least while your server is online! I finished the initial build in February but some of the beta testers requested server-side mod support, and although my main reason for creating ArmAdmin was to give non-dedicated server owners something usable I eventually found beta testers asking for a server-side option, so I made that too. Right now ArmAdmin fully supports RCON and also contains a server-side mod for dedicated windows and linux servers that will report on: CPU usage, server FPS, server uptime, RAM usage, object counts, territory counts, disk IO. At the core is community support. Since most servers have multiple mods/admins they can sign up and then you can invite them to join your community and assign specific access privileges to them all the while still maintaining ownership and full control over your servers. I could talk forever about features but here's a brief overview. - Simple but powerful dashboard control interface - Online and monitoring all day, all day every day - 24/7/365 - Community support. Multiple users under one account. - Full RCON protocol support - Full server side addon support - Real-time sidechat activity - Unlimited, categorised and searchable logging of sidechat activity - Works on any device and any web browser - Task scheduling - Historic logging of player counts - Fully customisable chat keyword match system - Categorised and searchable logging of keyword matches - Logging of player information including IP address, BattlEye GUID, time/date and geographic location - List of all active online players including IP address, port, BattlEye GUID and geographic location - Remote shutdown and restart functionality - Remote kick/ban functionality - Multi-user task scheduling and management system - Quick to see active player count and restart/shutdown server - Sleek, easy to use interface - Live maps: see where players and territories are located on the map My best suggestion is to register on the website and check it out yourself over at https://www.armadmin.net To address some points because I guess people will ask: 1. Data (in any shape or form) is NOT shared with any second, third, fourth or 99th parties. Your privacy is taken seriously. 2. Your data (literally all of it) is encrypted. Your community password is the encryption key. You and your admins/mods can view your data but nobody else can. Not even me - I don't want to. 3. Yes, you need to put in your RCON password. But to be fair I don't know why everyone is so touchy about that but happy to run executable DLL's on their server if it means not giving away their password (think about that for a minute). 4. We are happy to communicate and work with with GSP's. Your GSP won't let you load server-side stuff? Tell them to email [email protected] They still won't let you load DLL's/SO's? ArmAdmin will still work fine, you just won't be able to see the FPS, CPU usage etc. 5. We care. We're human. We care about the Arma community and developers and love both of them. If you have a problem or any reasonable criticisms please let us know and we'll do everything we can to address it. 6. What is the cost? There is no cost for basic monitoring over a 24/7 RCON connection. If you need to remotely manage your server or use the server-side addon there is a charge of US$7/month for a single server or US$10/month for unlimited servers. More can be seen at https://www.armadmin.net/faq.html On that note please keep in mind that ArmAdmin has just come out of beta. Although things have been tested within our capabilities there may be some underlying issues, but if you report them they will be fixed. Now that the service has been launched we will begin development on further features such as blacklisting, whitelisting, VPN blocking, country blocking, VIP slots, steam UID lookups and more.
  11. Loot Position Creator

    Exilemod Loot Position Creator. It's a tool used to create loot position for exilemod. That tool is different than the other in the following ways : It will generate a file that you can directly include in your cfgBuildings It displays a live floating ball in front of you to help you precisely place the loot positions. It uses a new function to detect surfaces so the position is never going through a surface. It is a mod and you can subscribe to it on Steam. Last update add the auto-generate feature for single building and entire map*. *When generating position for the entire map you will need to add the parent class manually in the file and to clean the file a bit before putting it on your server. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625259647
  12. Loot Position Creator

    Exilemod Loot Position Creator. It's a tool used to create loot position for exilemod. That tool is different than the other in the following ways : It will generate a file that you can directly include in your cfgBuildings It displays a live floating ball in front of you to help you precisely place the loot positions. It uses a new function to detect surfaces so the position is never going through a surface. It is a mod and you can subscribe to it on Steam. Last update add the auto-generate feature for single building and entire map*. *When generating position for the entire map you will need to add the parent class manually in the file and to clean the file a bit before putting it on your server. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625259647
  13. Home Server - UltraVNC to manage

    Post here some tools and setups to help with a home server, although it's better to use a host, this is good to start out and test before uploading to your live gaming server. Setup UltraVNC server on my server and the client on my PC and Android phone. ALL of these are FREE. UltraVNC does NOT have a 'usage timer' like TeamViewer does. So, when I check on the Exile server, I just 'connect' to it via UltraVNC.
  14. Loot Table Compiler

    Loot Table Compiler System Requirements Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 Download You can download our vanilla loot tables and the loot table compiler binaries from our Download page. Usage Create a batch file to execute the loot table compiler. After the loot compiler ran, it will create an output file at the location you have specified. Put the content of that file into your exile_server_config.pbo/config.cpp and replace any existing CfgExileLootServer config with that. com.exilemod.lootcompiler.exe <item group file> <loot table file> <output file> Example #1 Assuming the .exe and all the other files are in the same directory: com.exilemod.lootcompiler.exe LootItemGroups.h LootTables.h CfgExileLootServer.hpp Example # 2 In case the .exe and the other files are not in the same directory: "C:\@Exile\03 Tools\com.exilemod.lootcompiler.exe" "C:\@Exile\02 Source Code\exile_server_config\pre-config\LootItemGroups.h" "C:\@Exile\02 Source Code\exile_server_config\pre-config\LootTables.h" "C:\@Exile\02 Source Code\exile_server_config\config\CfgExileLootServer.hpp" Loot Item Group File The item group file is used to bundle items into logical groups. The advantage of using groups is, that you do not have to link every single item with a respective loot table, but only the group instead. The loot table compiler will parse, resolve and expand your input files into a format that can be used by Exile while running in the Arma 3 server. Syntax The syntax of this file is as rudimentary as it can get. You can define as many item groups as you want. Each item group is defined by a "> " and its name. Be aware that the name must not contain any numbers, special characters or whitespace. Only use pure alphabetical letters. > Item Group Name Spawn Chance, Arma Item Class Name The spawn chance is not a percental value. It defines the number of occurrences of one item in that item group. When Exile drops one loot item, it picks a random one from the given list. By using lower It is advised to not use very high occurrences to not blow up the resulting item group (and loot tables). If you end up defining loot spawn chances that have the same greatest common divisor, divide all defined spawn chances by that. If you for example defined "5, 10, 10, 25", which have 5 as the greatest common divisor the same spawn chances can be represented as "1, 2, 2, 5". The reason to do that is to keep the number of items in a resulting config as low as possible to achieve maximum server performance. Example > Food // Sum = 5 1, Exile_Item_CookingPot // 1 * 100 / 5 = 20% 2, Exile_Item_CanOpener // 2 * 100 / 5 = 40% 2, Exile_Item_Matches // 2 * 100 / 5 = 40% > Drinks // Sum = 14 1, Exile_Item_Beer // 1 * 100 / 14 = ~ 7.14% 1, Exile_Item_EnergyDrink // 1 * 100 / 14 = ~ 7.14% 1, Exile_Item_PlasticBottleFreshWater // 1 * 100 / 14 = ~ 7.14% 1, Exile_Item_PowerDrink // 1 * 100 / 14 = ~ 7.14% 2, Exile_Item_MountainDupe // 2 * 100 / 14 = ~14.28% 3, Exile_Item_ChocolateMilk // 3 * 100 / 14 = ~21.42% 5, Exile_Item_PlasticBottleDirtyWater // 5 * 100 / 14 = ~35.71% Important Do NOT add weapons to your loot tables that spawn with attachments, as this will allow endless duping! Use the variant without attachments. Loot Table File This file bundles item groups into a single loot table, which is then later bound to a building in exile_server_config.pbo/config.cpp/CfgBuildings. The syntax is exactly the same as for item groups. Syntax > Loot Table Name Spawn Chance, Item Group Name Example > Industrial // Sum = 23 1, Restraints // 1 * 100 / 23 = ~ 4,34% 3, RoadFlares // 3 * 100 / 23 = ~13,04% 5, Vehicle // 5 * 100 / 23 = ~21,73% 6, Trash // 6 * 100 / 23 = ~26,08% 8, IndustrialItems // 8 * 100 / 23 = ~34,78% Working with percentages The format of both loot tables and loot item groups work on total sums. If you manage your total sum to be 100, you get a nice and human-readable overview of percentages. // in LootTables.h > Industrial 20, HandGrenades // 20% chance to spawn hand grenades in industrial buildings 80, Trash // 80% chance to spawn trash in industrial buildings // in LootItemGroups.h > HandGrenades 50, HandGrenade // 50% chance when spawning hand grenades 50, MiniGrenade // 50% chance when spawning hand grenades > Tash 40, Exile_Item_CookingPot // 40% chance when spawning trash 40, Exile_Item_CanOpener // 40% chance when spawning trash 20, Exile_Item_Matches // 20% chance when spawning trash LootTableCompiler-1.0.3b.zip