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  1. I lock the subject because of a technical problem. If the problem persists, please open a new title. @JackC63
  2. I didn't think I would get so much attention when opening the Exile Mod Unofficial Web Site. Thank you for your interest and for helping out with other members.
  3. Exile IgiLoad with TaruPodMod

    I think it's a problem with this new Arma 3 update. (I am not sure) but the mod may need to be updated...
  4. Great job Graim!

    Thank you guys @chaveezy @Sgt Smash
  5. Protected mission files

    Use the Mikeros Tools https://mikero.bytex.digital/Downloads
  6. Proper credit

    This site was created for the permanent storage of original resources. We add content to the site. subject owners delete their content if requested. About Web Site Theme. after all, we didn't steal this theme. I did the same theme myself. If you request your own content, it will be removed.
  7. Archived content is available at the link: http://web.archive.org/web/20190717131018/https://www.exilemod.com/ You can copy the contents of this address and add them to exilemod.net. This provides interactive support.
  8. Hopefully following some of these suggestions will reduce the number of problems people are having and clear up the questions/comments following each update. Suggestion 1 Stop pretending you are a mod developer and trying to decide which updated files are different/neccesary and which ones are the same/unnecessary. If the devs give you a file, use it. I get tired of seeing comments about "this seems no different than before." That might be true sometimes, but it is the exception, not the rule. Suggestion 2 Stop trying to install the mod, infistar, and all your custom content in the first run. Start with the mod by itself and test it on your server with that only. This verifies that you have installed the mod correctly. I know you want to push the content fast, but by trying to push everything at once you are making it more difficult to determine the cause of a problem when you come across one. Suggestion 3 Spend some time looking through your files and just getting a general understanding of which files control what. This will make things way easier when troubleshooting. I see a lot of unnecessary posts asking really simple things like "Where do I find my config.cpp?" Suggestion 4 If you aren't willing to spend time learning about simple things like file structure, then you probably should stop wasting tons of money to rent a server, and just go play on another server run by somebody who has the time, the patience, and the knowledge. There are plenty of servers out there, and by getting rid of 1 more empty server, you will be helping to concentrate the player base which will probably help the mod in the long run. Suggestion 5 Just buy the infistar antihack... I know, I know... "but there's a back door!", "but it's $30!!", "blah blah blah!"... honestly... who cares? Chris seems like a businessman (although maybe a bit of a troll sometimes :p), he's not gonna "haxor ur server"... He provides a lot of really awesome updates with a lot of useful content. Sure, you could probably do without if you are knowledgeable enough... but it really isn't worth your effort.
  9. GTX Gaming Guide

    GTX Gaming Exile servers are tailored for all types of server owners. For the newer server owner they are fairly simple to get started. When you purchase a GTX server it comes with Exile mod already installed and functioning a owner simply has to customize to his/her liking. I myself am a semi experienced server owner and I choose GTX not for their simplicity, but for the features they offer. Below is a list of features available at no extra cost: 1. G2 Control Panel with "one click" install mods (must request by ticket) 2. Automatic BattlEye exception generator (script.txt) 3. Automatic Pbo Replacer (executed on server restarts) 4. A3Launcher, HLSW, mARMA, and Game Tracker support Now to the guide. I made a guide previously for other hosting companies using the TCA control panel. Due to GTX custom control panel, I have tailored a new guide using their panel. I think I covered most of the areas needed to get started, but if you want something added please let me know. Also, if you do decide to go with GTX Gaming message @Rui Pedro and he will get you set up with the G2 Control Panel that they offer. GTX Gaming Server Owner Guide v1.0
  10. Dedicated Server Package

    Source/Download: https://github.com/maca134/exile-server-package This package contains unmodified mission/server files in the source directory This is a collection of batch file to make deploying an Exile server on a dedicated machine or local server really easy. You need SteamCMD, you can get it from here and MySQL server from here, if you dont already have them. Install Download the latest release of this repo here & Exile client mod Extract the folder to the location were you want the server. Create a database and execute the exile.sql TURN OF SQL STRICT MODE Info Edit config.bat to your needs Run download_arma.bat to download ARMA 3 from Steam Run start.bat and your server should run Batch Files config.bat - Contains the servers settings download_arma.bat - Download ARMA 3 via SteamCMD prestart.bat - Sets up the servers configs etc (use this in firedeamon) start.bat - Runs the prestart.bat and starts the server exe Folders config: This contains all the various config files needed. Battleye filters live in here. dump: Used to copy src files and run find/replace run: This is were all the live files get compiled to. Editing stuff in here is pointless. You may need to view RPT/Be logs in here while the server is running. source: This is were all the exile servers (mission, exile_server, exile_server_config) files are stored. Credits Mikero Tools Exile Team Also if anyone wants to contribute please feel free to submit a pull request.
  11. Exile Beginners Guide *Updated*

    Well its been way to long, sorry for the wait everyone but I have updated the guide! Exile Beginners/Veterans Gude *Updated* "Kiwi"+ Hope it helps, feel free to link =)
  12. How to setup / use Battleye RCON

    Well to start off: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A WORKING EXILE SERVER FIRST! IF THE PROBLEM IS NOT RELATED TO RCON PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE! if you have some problems look at notes (I'm going to use TUT as a replacement for what you use) *HOW TO: *Notes:
  13. This is a guide geared for all server owners new and semi experienced. There is material dedicated just for hosting servers as well as more advance material for all server owners. There is also a detailed explanation of the infiSTAR AntiHack and Admin Tools installation. I made this guide to hopefully decrease the amount of "I'm Stuck" post on the forums. If you think I should change or add something let me know. There will be additions in the future. The instructions on installing infiSTAR AntiHack and AdminTools starts on page 17 of the guide. Server Owner Guide v2.0 READ THE GUIDE BEFORE CONTACTING ME. If you need help with something, I will provide assistance. However, don't contact me with a question that I covered in my guide. Also, set up a Altis server before you try to tackle a map like Chenarus. Note: The links that send you to pages inside of the guide itself don't work unless you download the guide. Future Updates: Customizing Exile Settings Chenarus Redux Setup CHANGE LOG:
  14. UPDATE MAY 2018: Guide has been updated for 1.0.4 PINEAPPLE Hi All, This guide will address a Windows platform install from start to finish. The guide is accompanied by a download that includes all the necessary files you will need to setup your own server. You can also find the individual download links within the guide's pdf. Download Includes: EXILE SERVER INSTALLATION GUIDE V1.0.4.pdf Steam Installer MySQL Installer Vcredist Installer DirectX Installer Pbo Manager Installer Notepad++ Installer Server Launch Files DOWNLOADS Installation PDF Exile Server Installation 1.0.4 Credist (Extract and run bat file as admin) [Updated]
  15. https://discord.gg/UyhtEBh