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  2. territory protection

    exile_server_config.cpp Zeile 89 // Remove all territories (and contructions + containers in it) that were not paid after X days territoryLifeTime = 30;
  3. territory protection

    Hallo, wo muss ich nochmal einstellen wielange man Zeit hat zum Bezahlen. Damals hatte ich es so das man 1 Monat zeit hatte bevor die Base Verschwunden ist? Danke schonmal
  4. ExAd v1.0.4

    @Whitey this is what i mean. Or do i not need this VG?
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  6. ExAd v1.0.4

    @CorpsesRobbers What code do you mean?
  7. ExAd v1.0.4

    Hello together, hope anyone can help me about the Database entry. I dont know where i have to insert the Code.
  8. Last week
  9. Liebe Community, derzeit befinden wir uns mitten im Aufbau unseres Arma 3 Exile Server. Unser Konzept ist klar strukturiert und wir wissen wo wir hin wollen. Das WIR sagt es bereits, bei uns ist Teamarbeit und gemeinsame Absprachen wichtig! Zusammen zum Ziel und großartiges erreichen. Für unser Serverkonzept suchen wir Aktuell noch Helfer. Explizit suchen wir: Scripter/ Modder Arma 3 und idealerweise Exile erfahrung vorhanden 16+ Jahre alt Strukturiertes Arbeiten Umsetzungsfähigkeit Webdeveloper Erfahrung mit Wordpress 16+ Jahre alt Kreativität und Umsetzungsfähigkeit Idealerweise erfahrung mit APIs und JS Die Arbeit am Projekt findet übwerwiegend abends statt, da die meisten berufstätig sein werden. Gerne könnt Ihr unseren Discord Server besuchen oder hier im Forum Kontakt mit uns aufnehmen. Discord: https://discord.gg/Vyxpfqw
  10. Holz Farmen dirkt ins Auto (Solved)

    Also bei mir am Server funktioniert es. Sowohl das Holz fällen als auch das Metall farmen. Beides geht direkt ins Auto.
  11. Holz Farmen dirkt ins Auto (Solved)

    Das funktioniert doch schon seit 2 Exile versionen nicht mehr
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  13. Need someone to help setup a new server

    Questions 1. Do you have an extra PC that would can use as a dedicated server? 1a. Specs of the PC? 2. How many players do you want? 3. If you do get a server running how long would you leave it running without any players joining? Truthfully if you give up easily then I would probably not help you 4. Easier to know what someone is getting into when building a game server from scratch if you give details as to what exactly you want on it, so what mods, scripts, addons are you looking to use?
  14. Hello, I would like to disable the gps Function by proofing if the Player has "ItemGPS" equipped or not. What i already got running is the code below. It disables the Marker of the Player itself, and the option in the right corner to zoom in the area where the player is. like so: if player got "ItemGPS" equipped -> shows player location on the map exactly with a blue marker, can place gps markers (shift + lmb) and those are visible on the map and in normal gameplay like 3d markes (those with the white circle and a white dot in the middle) but if player has no "ItemGPS" equipped -> player location is not visible (thats fine) but i can still place a gps marker which is still visible in normal gameplay but not on the map (on map they get visible again when i equip a GPS) i have overwritten the "ExileClient_gui_map_event_onDraw.sqf" which is located at "\@exile\addons\exile_client\code\ExileClient_gui_map_event_onDraw.sqf" in the config (Exile Custom Code Section) Does somebody has a solution for this? Thanks, TomK ExileClient_gui_map_event_onDraw.sqf /** * ExileClient_gui_map_event_onDraw * * Exile Mod * exile.majormittens.co.uk * © 2015 Exile Mod Team * * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. * To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/. * * GPS Check by Wyqer - 16.12.2015 * */ private["_marker"]; _showGroup = false; // true = Group markers shown if the members have GPS | false = Only player marker if he has a GPS /* DO NOT EDIT BELOW */ _display = uiNamespace getVariable "RSCDiary"; _ctrl = _display displayCtrl 1202; _ctrl ctrlEnable false; _ctrl ctrlsettextcolor [0,0,0,0]; _ctrl ctrlSetTooltip ""; _ctrl ctrlCommit 0; if (_showgroup) then { { deleteMarkerLocal _x; } forEach ExileClientPartyMapMarkers; { if ("ItemGPS" in (assignedItems _x) AND "ItemGPS" in (assignedItems player)) then { _marker = createMarkerLocal [format ["ExilePartyMarker%1", _forEachIndex], getPosVisual _x]; _marker setMarkerShapeLocal "ICON"; _marker setMarkerTypeLocal "ExilePlayer"; _marker setMarkerDirLocal (getDirVisual _x); _marker setMarkerAlphaLocal 0.75; if (_x isEqualTo player) then { _marker setMarkerColorLocal "ColorBlue"; } else { _marker setMarkerColorLocal "ColorGreen"; _marker setMarkerTextLocal (name _x); }; }; ExileClientPartyMapMarkers pushBack _marker; } forEach units (group player); } else { if ("ownMapPosition" in allMapMarkers) then { deleteMarkerLocal "ownMapPosition"; }; if ("ItemGPS" in (assignedItems player)) then { _marker = createMarkerLocal ["ownMapPosition", getPosVisual player]; _marker setMarkerShapeLocal "ICON"; _marker setMarkerTypeLocal "ExilePlayer"; _marker setMarkerDirLocal (getDirVisual player); _marker setMarkerAlphaLocal 0.75; _marker setMarkerColorLocal "ColorBlue"; if!(ExileClientWaypoints isEqualTo [])then { _control = _this select 0; { _control drawIcon [ "\a3\ui_f\data\Map\MapControl\custommark_CA.paa", [1, 1, 1, 1], ExileClientWaypoints select _forEachIndex, 16, 16, 0, "", 0, 0, "PuristaMedium" ]; } forEach ExileClientWaypoints; }; }; }; ExileClient_gui_map_event_onDraw.sqf
  15. DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    For me, I found the issue in CfgSecondaryWeapons.hpp, this is turned off by default: UseAddActions = "false"; ^^ I set this to "true" and the context menu started working. I'll keep an eye out for these bugs. Thank you!
  16. DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    I think it still works but it is very buggy !!! If you have the mod on the server duplicate axes, rocket launchers etc. We have removed the mod because of that.
  17. DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    Does this still work? I tried to implement the github altis example mission/server overwrites on my Exile server and it does not work for me.
  18. Information March 2020

    [GER]SOSGaming|Exile-PvE/No PvP|Random-AI|Missionen|Rosche,Germany https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/304-server/ Feel free to come and see what has happened in Exile.
  19. Dear All, I hope all is well and you are all safe from the current worldwide situation. I am an old Arma 3 player and have over a 1000 hours on it, a lot of those hours are on exile. After around a year of inactivity I have decided to get back to the game and I love it. I was wondering if any of you exile regulars out there can enlighten me on how popular is exile or Arma3 in general in the present time. If so what servers do you play on and what is your input regarding how the game progressed since last year and what is mostly being played at the moment. Regards
  20. Exile Scavenge Framework - 0.7 BETA (23.10.2017)

    Just a note to others... Ownership of this work ^^ was transferred to a different github developer: https://github.com/yukihito23/Exile_Scavenge This new developer has taken the code further than the original dev and the original dev transferred ownership to ykihito23.
  21. If this is added to the wrong section I apologize. Due to being in isolation in my own house due to corona I figured I better start an Exile server now that I need to kill at least a month in isolation. Been around since the mod came out but never really got into setting up servers. Needless to say I don't expect you to do this for free nor can I afford to make you really rich so we need to figure out what is fair for you and me. I need a semi-militarized server with various things installed. No custom coding needed. Best regards, Michael AKA "Father Michael"
  22. Hi all just wondering if any one can help

    you need besides the folder @Exile as mod also the server files @ExileServer. otherwise this will not work Maybe it is a shot in the dark, had something similar, in my case the vcredist x86 and x64 was not updated, was also not updated by windows. Latest version pulled from the net and works perhaps it will help
  23. Is that your full log? where is the exdb3??? and Exile-Server Mod is not loaded!
  24. Hi all just wondering if any one can help

    I Jack. Im not sure what it is exactly but there can be issues like this for many reasons. Are you sure you have set the map you are playing in the server settings? Also have you installed any mod for ground spawn or something? If you have edited your 'ExileClient_object_player_event_onPlayerRespawn' you should try taking that out and seeing if you spawn in normaly. Or maybe you are using an admin tool? It looks as if you are using a server provider, which one are you with?
  25. Hi all just wondering if any one can help

  26. Hi all I used to run Arma servers quite a bit and I have just decided to start one up again, but I'm running into a problem that when I spawn in, i spawn half in the ground and I am unable to press any buttons at all, as shown in the picture below, just wondering if anybody can help on here or you can add me on discord MrFluffey#0001 thanks I have tried updating the server i have updated the Exile client
  27. I lock the subject because of a technical problem. If the problem persists, please open a new title. @JackC63
  28. Sorry i dont know.
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